The American University of Kuwait Hosts ‘Return of the Wolfpack’ Event for Students and Alumni

May 24, 2018

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) hosted its second ‘Return of Wolfpack’ event for the academic year 2017/2018 at the AUK campus on 12th May 2018.

Organized by Alumni Affairs and Career Development, Division of Student Affairs, the awaited full day event in its unique sports filled agenda is much more than a regular sports day out. “Return of the Wolfpack’ brings together AUK student athletes and AUK alumni athletes to compete in friendly football matches, volleyball matches and basketball games, and to enjoy some outdoor food, fun activities and live music.

Attended by alumni from class of 2006 until class of 2018, this year AUK saw its largest number of participants which was attended by 58 alumni and almost 70 students.

The sensational event kicked off with a football game in the football field, the student’s team won the football women’s game (2-1) and the alumni won the men’s game by penalties. Next, alumni played a basketball game against students, students won the basketball women’s game (20-18) and the alumni won the men’s game (47-32), followed by a volleyball game, with alumni winning the volleyball women’s game (3-0) and alumni men winning the next two games (2-0).

The Alumni teams won a total of 4 out of 6 games, making it a truly fierce competition full effort from both student athletes and alumni who were once star athletes at AUK.

Winning athletes from each winning team received 15KD vouchers and branded gold medals and attendees were provided with promotional codes from Decathlon, the exclusive sponsor of the ‘Return of the Wolfpack’ event. Students and Alumni received branded t-shirts with “Return of the Wolfpack” and “Team Students” or “Team Alumni” as well as black and gold stress balls branded with a wolf’s paw to represent the AUK mascot, the‘wolfpack’.

As part of AUK’s commitment to working closely with AUK graduates and in supporting alumni relations and businesses, the a live music piece was performed by AUK alumni, Samer Abu Zaid, who played his drums, event photography by AUK alumni, Ali Kamal and the event’s catering was provided by AUK alumni Latifa Ben Eissa’s business, (catering solutions) – they were served soft-serve ice cream, juices from Dhahia Juice and shawarma from ‘Enab Beirut. Volleyball, basketball and football shaped cookies were also provided as well as Face-painting. Many students and alumni got the wolfpack paw on their arms or face to support to support.

“What better way to reconnect and celebrate with our fellow Wolfpack than in our full day ‘Return of the Wolfpack’ event. It is exciting to witness the bridging between our alumni and current students, in sports and activities, where they can meet, network and compete at doing the things they love. We are repeatedly made proud by our wonderful group of students and graduates,” said Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, Dean of Student Affairs.

Article by: Jayda Al-Farouqi

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