The American University of Kuwait Welcomes Alumni Back To Campus for a Distinguished Alumni Reunion

Apr 09, 2018

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) welcomed its alumni back to the AUK campus during its largest annual Alumni Reunion which took place on 19th March 2018.

Organized by Alumni Affairs and Career Development, Division of Student Affairs, the anticipated reunion is a one of a kind event that brings together returning alumni and provides a nostalgic experience reconnecting the university community and serving as a link between the past and bright present of AUK in an annual celebration full of entertainment and socializing.

Attended by alumni from class of 2006 until class of 2018, this year AUK saw its largest number of graduates over the years in a celebration attended by 400 alumni and 127 guests.

The evening was held in the open air recreational area decorated with state of the art lighting giving it a cozy bohemian ambiance, surrounded by food booths, accompanied by live music by Zak Musawi, a variety of fun activities, memory boards and a raffle draw with a wide array of gifts.

"It is always great to be back to our second home. Thank you AUK and the Alumni Affairs office for making us feel home again. Once a Wolfpack, always a Wolfpack,” said Alumni from class of 2012, Mohammad Qassem Abu Mazen.

 One of the reunion’s major highlights was a lovely father and daughter moment, Ibrahim Qaddoura an AUK graduate who joined AUK at the age of 49, graduated in the summer of 2008 only a few months before his daughter Sara joined AUK in the fall of 2008. Mr. Qaddoura is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Mowasat Hospital, while his daughter Sara has worked at both KPMG and RSM. This precious story was shared with the attendees during the event finale when Sara asked for the microphone, eager to inspire and put forward her gratitude and motivational experience, followed by her father Mr. Qaddoura who also shared his heart warming experience on stage, winning the hearts and applause of all those present, making the inspiring story a perfect closing for the event.

“I tried my best to finish as soon as possible because I was afraid to be in the same class with my daughter. I am so happy that I came to the alumni reunion, although I usually don’t because I feel that I am too old to be here. Entering the campus makes me reminisce all the good times at AUK and I feel very proud that I graduated from AUK,” commented Mr. Qaddoura. Adding on, Sara said “Children learn from what they see. My dad showed me that education is power and that age is just a number. He

taught me to step out of my comfort zone and see beyond the barriers, because regardless of the circumstances; if one has the will to achieve something then nothing can stop them.”

In reflection of AUK’s commitment to working closely with AUK graduates and in leveraging alumni relations and businesses, the reunion was managed by alumni owned Eslam Moussa Eminds (events management) and food booths by bil bayt, alumni Latifa Ben Essa.

“Each year, we strive to bring back our alumni to reconnect and celebrate with their fellow Wolfpack and faculty, in an event serving as a bridge between alumni from all classes. AUK has been the launching pad for 3700 alumni and we are truly proud to have such a wonderful group of graduates. We always look forward to having them back with us on campus,” said Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, Dean of Student Affairs.

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