“Manpower and Government Restructuring Program”

Jan 25, 2018

“Manpower and Government Restructuring Program”

Now on campus!


MGRP is a governmental entity that was established in 2001, in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ decision number 19 of the year 2000 regarding supporting and encouraging Kuwaitis to work in the private sector. MGRP aims to find solutions for the development of national employment and direct them to work with non-governmental organizations and support small enterprises in line with the development goals of the state and reduce unemployment.


  • Employment Department: It is specialized in registering, directing, and guiding employment seekers to potential opportunities within the program
  • Financial Receivable Department: Aiming to apply law no. 19 for the year 2000 pertaining to supporting and promoting the national work force in seeking employment in nongovernmental institutions.

-      Training Department:

  • Training workers in the private sector
  • Job seeker’s training
  • Student’s training


  • Financial benefits for Kuwaitis who work in the private sector.
  • Summer training courses in private companies for students.
  • Nominating Kuwaiti job seekers & fresh graduates for vacancies in the private sector. Opportunities for discharged employees from the private sector.
  • Free training courses for those who are willing to work in the private sector.
  • Onjob training for private sector employees.
  • Specialized training upon private company’s request.
  • Following up on the Kuwaitis’ quota in the private companies to ensure that they have the maximum number of Kuwaitis.

MGRP are located in the new student center on the 3rd floor.

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