The Merge - Alumni Affairs & Career Development

Jan 25, 2018

The Merge

Alumni Affairs & Career Development

The Office of Alumni Affairs merged with Career Services to form “Alumni Affairs and Career Development”. Though each acted as a separate entity, the objectives often overlapped. The reason behind the merge is all about building relations and networking. The two offices share mutual goals and long-term objectives—to provide our students with job opportunities and support, and direct our seniors and Alumni towards a rewarding career. Through this integration of offices, we will be able to grow our network and enhance our networking skills.

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Career Development seeks to reach, serve, and engage with our alumni to provide continuous support and recognition for their achievements and professional excellence. Outside of networking with our alumni, our responsibilities include directing prospective alumni to programs and services that help them in career employment-seeking endeavors. Involving our alums in career search for current students makes our alumni an essential part of our future.

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